What makes Mt Zion stand out

… and what Mt Zion offers that keeps me coming back

I can summarize it in four words:  learning, discipleship, hope, and tolerance.


Mt Zion provides Christian education where I can learn about Jesus and his example that we should live by, as well as building spirituality and my understanding of the Bible and applying it to daily life.


We practice discipleship by:

  • Living a life of service to God and community in a nurturing environment.
  • Making a difference in the lives of others, communicating with others and understanding them, listening to them, and “walking a mile in their shoes.”
  • Finding opportunities to live out my religious faith in the world as a follower of Christ.


We live in a divided world where there is excessive conflict, suffering , hostility, and, at times, a lack of hope.  Mt Zion stands as a beacon of unity and hope in a fragmented world.  It provides a positive and loving environment, and encourages me to love and offer hope to others.


Mt Zion is a tolerant place, as exemplified by its Reconciling in Christ philosophy and belief system.  We welcome people regardless of their history, background, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.  We listen to others, treat them fairly and equally, and do not judge them based on our own preconceptions or biases.  We accept others, but also need to consider stepping out beyond that and advocating for equal and fair treatment for all – advocating for justice in an at times unjust world.

These things all mean a lot to me and I believe that they are present at Mt. Zion to varying degrees, which draws me back and keeps me engaged.  They are also areas that we need to keep working on and developing.

Yours in Christ,

Joe DiGiacinto

Joe DiGiacinto is a long-time active member of Mt Zion and has participated in many different leadership roles, most recently as part of the Mission Exploration Team


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    marleen christiansen says

    why do I have trouble connecting with church things?
    by the way Joe that is a great picture of you

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