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Choose to join us in person or virtually!

Although we are now meeting in person for services and other events, you can still join us virtually through the miracles of modern technology! This page lists the many opportunities available to you and will be updated periodically as we develop new ways to connect.

Virtual Worship

On Sunday mornings at 9:30am we will live-stream a worship service on our YouTube channel. Go to our YouTube channel at the correct time, and you should see it at the top of the list.

  • Although these will go out live at the normal worship times, they will also be archived on YouTube for a few hours, so you can watch them later in the day, if you wish.
  • Holy Communion will be served, so get your supplies ready!  Pastor Tyler recommends a cracker (or similar staple food product) and some kind of wine or juice (or other festive drink).
  • Set up your home worship space with a cross, candle, plant, and dish of water. Make it as fancy as you like!

Note: If you are having trouble viewing our YouTube live-stream worship services, we have a low-tech option for you. You can call in from any telephone and listen to the service as it happens!

  • • For the Sunday 9:30am service, call 1-312-626-6799. When it asks for your meeting ID, enter 841 6597 2335 and press #. When it asks for your participant ID, just press #. If it asks for a password, enter 12012 and press #.

Social Activities throughout the week on Zoom

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We miss you almost as much as you miss each other! Here are some opportunities to “hang out” virtually with your Mt Zion family. (Click on each link to jump to the Zoom meeting, then enter the password shown.)

12:12 Prayer

Weekly, Pastor Tyler shares a 12-minute prayer service at 12:12pm on his personal Facebook page. This is interactive, so you can type your prayer requests into the comments, and Pastor Tyler will include them in his prayers.  (If you watch the archived videos later, you can still type comments, but Pastor won’t see them until the next day.)

Don’t know how to use Zoom?

  • If you want to use your mobile device, go to your app store, install “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” from your app store, start it up, and enter the 9-or-11-digit meeting ID, which you can find above or in this week’s Grace Notes. When prompted, enter the 5-or-6-digit password.  (Zoom is free, and you can join someone else’s meeting without creating an account.)
  • If you’re more comfortable with computers, click here: https://zoom.us.  It will prompt you to download and install an app, or you can just join from your browser. The links above have the meeting ID embedded, so you just have to enter the 5-or-6-digit password when prompted.
  • If you’d rather just use a telephone, call 1-312-626-6799. When it asks for your meeting ID, enter the 9-or-11-digit number from the Grace Notes and press #. Then when it asks for your participant ID, just press #. Then when it asks for the password, enter the 5-or-6-digit number from the Grace Notes and press #. (You won’t be able to see anybody, but you can hear everything, and press *6 when you want to talk.)
  • Note:  The meeting ID number may change from week-to-week, so check your email for the latest link from the Grace Notes.  (Not getting emails?  Contact Jess to get added to the email list!)

Committee Meetings, Staff Meetings, etc

The day-to-day work of the church is still very much needed, so all meetings will continue on the regular cycle, but they will use Zoom.  Watch for an email from your committee chair with the link (meeting ID) for your meeting.  Committee chairs, contact Jess or Pastor Tyler to set up a Zoom meeting.

Offerings and Donations

These are difficult times, and there is need in the community, so our mission is more important than ever, and your support is essential to keeping our ministries going.  However, we understand that many people have lost their jobs or are experiencing other financial hardships, so if you are one of those people, don’t feel obligated to keep up with your regular giving.  On the other hand, if you are fortunate enough to still have a regular paycheck or are blessed with the means to do so, please maintain or increase your offerings:

  • If you usually put an offering envelope in the plate when it comes around on Sunday, please consider mailing your check to the church office.  Better yet, use our convenient and safe online donation system!  You can make a one-time donation with your credit card, and you don’t need to set up an account or anything.  Just go to our Donation page, click the Donate button, and follow the on-screen instructions for a one-time donation. You can also set up a recurring online donation from this page.
  • Don’t forget about Mission of the Month!  This extra once-a-month donation goes directly to those with the most need.

Do you have questions?

Of course you do!  This is difficult experience for all of us, and we’re figuring it out together.  If we’ve missed something in this list, or if the instructions for any of the technology are unclear, contact Pastor Tyler, Jess, or Douglas for help.

Updated for summer 2021


  1. Reply
    jean morack says

    Marleen Bob Christiansen are not receiving GraceNotes on their email
    I have forwarded this to them
    Please check their email or re enter

    [email protected]


    • Reply
      Douglas Johnson says

      Thanks, Jean! We’ll put this email address into the GraceNotes distribution list.

  2. Reply
    christiansen says

    I could NOT get our church service again . I don’t NO how I can get into or Sunday church service. Make it easy HELP

    • Reply
      Douglas Johnson says

      No problem, I can help you, Marleen! Just scroll up to the top of this page and look for “Virtual Worship on Sunday”. The second sentence of that paragraph is bold and starts with “This is the direct YouTube link…”. Just click on that sentence, and it will take you to this week’s live stream. You can watch it live on Sunday morning, or you can replay it any time later on Sunday or Monday.

  3. Reply
    Daryl & Bonnie Wunrow says

    We joined you this morning for worship, in addition to worship at Hales Corners Lutheran, where we are members. Bonnie was a member at Mt Zion formany before we married and moved across the city. We were very impressed with our worship experience today and thank you for the opportunity to join you.

    • Reply
      Douglas Johnson says

      Great! We’re so glad you could visit and enjoyed your time with us. Stop in again any time!

  4. Reply
    marleen says

    The service and sermon was so so good I wish I could add a comment during the service to say hello to all and stay well but it will not let me do so. I am getting on church service

    • Reply
      Douglas Johnson says

      I’m glad you are able to find the church service live-stream! YouTube has a chat feature, so you can leave comments for everyone watching with you, but sometimes it’s tricky to find it, especially if your player is full-screen. If you can’t see the chat window, try exiting full-screen mode (or clicking “back”) to see if it appears.

  5. Reply
    Kathryn E. says

    Did you have an advent devotional booklet for a handing out?

    • Reply
      Douglas Johnson says

      Yes, thanks for asking! We’re using a daily devotional called “Follow Me” during this Lenten season, which is suitable for youth and adults. You can get a printed copy in the Gathering Space, or if you’re on our email list, ask Jess to send you the link to the electronic copy.
      We also have a weekly Lenten video for younger children, with an accompanying activity journal. And for youth/adults, there is a weekly prayer journal to supplement your devotions.

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