Putting God’s house in order

a tree shown in drought and life, representing a mindset of scarcity versus abundance

Putting God’s House in Order is the theme for our stewardship drive to raise money for 2020.  We’re working with a program recommended by our synod called “Stewardship for All Seasons”.  One of the great things about this program is that it encourages us to shift from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance.


 • “Look at all our debt and deficit.” 
 • “We can’t afford that anyway.” 
 • We focus on just getting by in the present. 
 • We compete for available resources. 
 • We have feelings of stress and anxiety. 


 • “Look at all that we have!” 
 • “Look at all we can do with it!” 
 • We joyfully look toward the future. 
 • There is more than enough for everyone. 
 • We have an inner sense of worth and security. 

Ministry Initiatives

As we move forward joyfully in a sense of abundance, our goals for the 2020 stewardship fall appeal start by assessing our strengths and looking at what we can do to improve them to make Mt Zion a better place in the future.  We settled on three ministry initiatives:

 1. Grow in Hospitality and Welcoming

 • Replace the secondary boiler (a cold building doesn’t feel welcoming!)
 • Care for church building / infrastructure by increasing custodial staff hours
 • Provide awareness and training opportunities to better invite and welcome visitors and new members

 2. Expand Capacity to Grow Deep, Impactful Faith

 Children and Youth:
 • Provide supplies and food to augment fun, creative learning opportunities for young people
 • Acquire new videos that will bring fresh learning content
 • Support the faith of the youth by funding events and trips, in-town youth events with partner Mt Carmel, and necessary support for the Confirmation program
 • Increase participation in Youth Quake to allow more to have life-changing faith experiences
 Creative Worship:
 • Introduce new liturgies and support our choirs and musicians in ways such as new sheet music, upgrades and maintenance of equipment, and additional resources

 3. Strengthen Core Ministries

 • Upgrade technology (cloud storage, new tools and apps) to increase efficiency of church operations
 • Care for ministry staff
 • Secure new resources for training, spiritual direction, and other support
 • Share in the ministry of the Greater Milwaukee Synod, partnering with ministries throughout the city, state, nation, and world


You can get more details on our overall stewardship program and goals by reading this brochure (click to open):

cover of stewardship brochure, showing Holden Village travelers telling about their trip, with title "Putting God's House in Order"

Our goal for 2020 is to increase pledges by $57,000 compared to 2019.  In October and November we are communicating more about the proposed ministry initiatives and the Appeal through mailed letters, a brochure, bulletin inserts, speakers (“Temple Talks”), Adult Forums, posters, our web site, and even focus groups!  Each Mt Zion household will be asked to complete a Statement of Intent, to be returned during services on Sunday, November 17, “Appeal Commitment Sunday.” (Each member of our Leadership Board has committed to completing a Statement of Intent in support of this Appeal.) We have designated November 24 as “Celebration Sunday” to give thanks for your generous support!

Grow in Hospitality and Welcoming

During the Temple Talks on October 27th, we learned more about our ministry initiative to “Grow in Hospitality and Welcoming”, as described here (click to open):

smiling face of Mt Zion members at the Pride Parade, with caption "Grow in Hospitality and Welcoming"

Did you miss any of the Temple Talks on 10/27? You can watch them here!

Robyn DiGiacinto explains the importance of Mt Zion being a welcoming place for everyone.

Janet McCarthy describes the many ways Mt Zion is welcoming.

Douglas Johnson takes us on a tour of the boiler room to explain why we need to replace a boiler to make our building more hospitable.

Expand Capacity to Grow Deep, Impactful Faith

During the Temple Talks on November 3rd, we learned more about our ministry initiative to “Expand Capacity to Grow Deep, Impactful Faith”, as described here (click to open):

Mt Zion youth and leaders working on a service project

Did you miss any of the Temple Talks on 11/3? You can watch them here!

John Yanny expresses the impact of music on his life and the importance of our youth program.

Bella Burke reveals the value of music in our creative worship experiences.

Erik Peterson describes why our youth program inspires him to be generous.

Strengthen Core Ministries

During the Temple Talks on November 10th, we learned more about our ministry initiative to “Strengthen Core Ministries”, as described here (click to open):

a smiling Mt Zion family with the text "Strengthen Core Ministries"

Did you miss any of the Temple Talks on 11/10? You can watch them here!

Chris Kress explains why we need to make improvements for our office staff.

Ian Koenig shares why technology upgrades can make us more of a family.

Jim McTaggart and Erik Peterson give us their take on why we need to strengthen our core (ministries).

Commitment Sunday 11/17

On Sunday 11/17 we turned in our Statements of Intent (previously called “pledge cards”) to show how much we will commit to helping Mt Zion do God’s work in the world. We are taking the next step from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance, and seeing all the great things Mt Zion can do when we all pull together!

Misplaced your card? Click here to download and print a new one!

image of people sharing a meal in the Gathering Space, with the text "Putting God's House in Order"

Celebration Sunday 11/24

We will celebrate the end of our stewardship drive for 2020 and the generosity of our members with cake between services! So far, we have received Statements of Intent from over 70 families, and more are coming in! Haven’t turned in your yet? You can download one (by clicking on the picture above) and mail it to the church office: 12012 W North Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53226.

shimmering gold background with the text "Celebration Sunday"

Watch this space for results of the stewardship drive!


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    Mavis Roesch says

    I am deeply appreciative of this site as I am able to review what I heard on Sundays and it gives others who might have missed a week the chance to hear fellow parishioners talk about the important influence that Mt. Zion has had in their faith life.

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      Douglas Johnson says

      Great! We’re glad you’re enjoying the videos! Since there are different speakers at the 8:30 and 10:45 services, most people are missing half the talks, even if they’re in church every week.

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