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Mt Zion extending God’s reach

God’s grace and love and mercy are free gifts, and our response to those gifts is that we choose to do good works in our world.  When we gather here for worship, we hear God’s word, and it touches us directly, and we receive his gifts, but God wants our help to bring his word out to those who aren’t hearing it, so he can reach them too.  When we do good works and live our lives the way Jesus taught us, other people see God in us, and then God can extend his grace through us to them.

When we offer space for groups to meet here, when we offer food to hungry people, when we help people in need, we are helping God to reach out to them.  Last week, we reached 2,632 people who voted here.  Next weekend, we will reach hundreds of families through a Tosa Cares food distribution.  Every week, dozens of people come here for AA meetings and other groups.  Throughout the year we go out into our community and help many people through our “God’s work, our hands” service projects, and our youth group goes farther out during their summer work camps.  We help others through our support of Greater Tosa Interfaith, our missions of the month, Pathfinders, Christmas Has a Heart, and on and on.

None of this would be possible without something as mundane and earthly and simple as income for a balanced budget.  Wauwatosa voters approved a $125 million referendum last week, but I assure you our stewardship committee is asking for much less.  And, if all of us answer by giving back a small percentage of what God has graciously given us, Mt Zion will be able to keep doing all these things to extend God’s reach.

~Douglas Johnson

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