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Masks are no longer required

Wauwatosa has a mask ordinance until June 16. However, on May 18 the Common Council amended the ordinance to say that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks and may resume all activities in accordance with the CDC guidelines. This ordinance does not change the mask requirement for unvaccinated individuals, and individual businesses may implement their own, more strict guidelines.

What is Mt Zion doing going forward?

After conversation and consensus among the Leadership Board, we made the following decisions:

  • Starting Sunday, May 23, masks are no longer required at Mt Zion, and those not wearing masks may do all activities, including singing and sharing peace.
  • We will not check for proof of vaccination, but we hope each person practices the safety they need when in public. We know these reasons may include more than just being unvaccinated; other reasons may include protecting an unvaccinated family member or personal comfort.
  • We will intentionally welcome those who desire to wear masks, no matter the reason they desire to remain masked, and make sure they feel comfortable in our community. We recognize the value of masks and support those who chose to remain masked.
  • To maintain space for those who wear masks, we will continue to keep every other pew closed and encourage people to practice social distancing around those who are masked.
  • Because many still feel unsafe in public spaces, particularly households where one or more persons are unable to get vaccinated, we will continue doing communion using prepackaged cups so that those who are joining the community online are able to participate. Eventually this emergency response to communion will end, but too many are still in a state of emergency.
  • We will allow drinks and prepackaged food for fellowship.
  • We will continue to evaluate these changes as the pandemic evolves, ready to open up more widely or to return to previous pandemic policies as needed.

Freedom of vaccination

We thank everyone for being understanding over this past year and practicing good pandemic activities. We encourage those who now feel the freedom of vaccination to continue to be understanding of those who are not ready to worship in person and welcoming of those who desire to continue wearing masks and distancing, no matter their reasons.

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