Installation of Pastor Tyler

Sunday, February 9 at 9:30 am

On Sunday, February 9, Pastor Tyler will be formally installed at Mt Zion by Bishop Paul D Erickson, presiding bishop of the Greater Milwaukee Synod. There will be only one service that day at 9:30, so that all can participate in installing and welcoming Pastor Tyler.

Please join us for a reception and luncheon following the service. Everybody is welcome on this joyous occasion. Your prayers and attendance are requested as Pastor Tyler continues to follow his call to Mt Zion and gets acquainted with all of us.


Changes are always difficult, and this period of transition and searching for a new pastor has been a challenge. As we followed the steps necessary for calling a new pastor, the congregation evaluated our needs and hopes for this pastor (Mission Exploration Team), and as we interviewed candidates (Call Committee) and called Pastor Tyler (Congregation), we have been asking God to lead us in our search. The whole congregation  provided input and information, and finally voted to call Pastor Tyler, amd we need to continue in prayer for his ministry with us as we get to know him.


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    marleen christiansen says

    this is a hard time and if bob or I can do something let us know. Our kids want us to stay home and yesterday got a call from Nancy De which was very nice.

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