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Forming a MET team: next step in calling a pastor

The important work of the Mission Exploration Process, the next step in calling a pastor at Mt Zion, will be led by the Mission Exploration Team (MET). Among other roles, the MET will create the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) that will be used as the primary tool for identifying and interviewing pastoral candidates for Mt Zion.

What is the Mission Exploration Team?

  • The Mission Exploration Team (MET) facilitates the Mission Exploration Process with the congregation.
  • The MET plans an interactive process which involves all Mt Zion members in building a vision for mission and compiling data for the Ministry Site Profile.
  • Pastor Josh has agreed to serve as team facilitator and will work closely with the MET.
  • Through conversations with the synod, interim pastors, meetings with the Leadership Board, a MET Formation Task Force, and an open forum with the congregation, we have established a criteria for the demographic representation we are seeking for the MET.
  • The MET Team will meet for twice a month for several months until tasks are completed.

Apply to be a part of MET!

The Mission Exploration Team will meet for several months until their work is completed. We are looking for a wide range of people to be a part of this team, representing key demographics and groups in the congregation. In addition, we are looking for applications for one person who is not a Mt Zion member. The MET will be selected from the applications that are received and will consist of about eight members. Pastor Josh and members of the Leadership Board will be reviewing and forming the best team to lead this process effectively and efficiently. Application deadline is Monday, October 23.

More information about becoming a part of the team and its role in the call process is on the application. If you have additional questions, please ask Pastor Josh

You can apply in three ways:

  1. click this link  to an online application
  2. pick up a copy of the application at the Mt Zion office
  3. request an application from Pastor Josh

Please apply and encourage others to apply!

The call of the next pastor and the mission and focus of the congregation for the next several years will be shaped by the important work of this team! Please apply by the application deadline, Monday, October 23, 2018.

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