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Our Mt Zion youth are sending a work team to Hazard, Kentucky from June 12-18 to work with the Appalachian Service Project. The team includes five high schoolers and three adult chaperones.

Work project

They will be starting an insulation project on a trailer home, which will include removing old siding, fixing the frame, framing out windows. The team will be posting on our Facebook page, so you can follow their progress reports throughout the week.

Ready to go!

The family who lives in the home have a new baby and a goat, and our team is looking forward to meeting them and working on the outside of their home.  The plan is to get as far as they can on the project, and other teams will be coming after the week to finish any work remaining.

After their workday, the team will be staying in classrooms in a school. Other teams will also be working on projects, and there will be time in the evening to gather and have fun. So our team have prepared their sleeping bags, air mattresses, clothing, equipment, snacks, recreational activities, KN-95 masks, and other necessities for the trip (including sunscreen, bug spray, and a towel).

Prayer requests

As you pray for our youth team, keep in mind that while they are in Kentucky they will be sleeping on classroom floors and taking cold showers. Pray for a safe travel, health and safety for the team and chaperones, team camaraderie, blessings to the families they help and the other teams they work with, and an opportunity to grow in their relationships with God and each other.

Thanks to all who prayed for and supported this project, including kids, parents and people of Mt Zion as they contributed financially and worked hard at the car wash fund-raiser and preparing for the trip.

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