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Fall programming starts Oct. 4

During these last few months as we, like everyone else, had to figure out how to do things safely during a pandemic. It has been like swimming upstream in a molasses landslide since March, and we’re still struggling to make good and caring choices because – that’s just how it is during a pandemic, I guess. Thank you for swimming with us, and if you got stuck anywhere along the way, please give us a call (414.258.0456) and we’ll come back for you.

Covid guidelines changing

Back in March and again June, we made impossible decisions regarding worship and other ministries at Mt Zion. These decisions were made with both limited knowledge and the inability to know how people would willingly comply with any measures we took. We still do not have enough knowledge, but a few big things have changed in the past few months:

  • We know more than we did back then, especially about how aerosols work,
  • The public has been educated on mask wearing and social distancing,
  • Cases of covid-19 have significantly fallen, even while testing increased, and
  • The death rate has significantly fallen as hospitals learn how to treat the disease (but is still much higher than the flu).

Moreover, in the last few months we have purchased a lot of equipment to continue improving our capabilities to provide simultaneous in person and online programming, especially in scenarios where people need to be able to communicate.

First in-person worship service with Covid precautions, July 2020

Is everything perfectly safe now? No. But those changes have greatly improved our ability to provide safe space. Below are the regular activities which are resuming on October 4, 2020.


Worship is returning to 8:30a and 10:45a on Sundays in the sanctuary with a Wednesday 6:30p Evening Prayer service in the Upper Room.

Individual pre-packaged Communion bread and juice. Numbers indicate how many servings are in each bag.

Sunday School

Sunday School is returning with two times, with at home activities to compliment most lessons. Sunday school will be online only, but we will provide the Hearth Room as space for those at church in person to join everyone else online.

  • 9:40a for preschool through 2nd grade
  • 10:10a for 3rd grade through 5th grade
Virtual Sunday School

Youth group

The Youth group (6th grade through high school) is returning and expanding, with conversations every Sunday morning at 9:40a and activities every other week on Sunday evenings at 5:30p, alternating with confirmation. All youth activities will take place in the nursery, due to the need for larger space.

Adult education

Adult forum is returning at 9:40a on Sundays, and brown bag Bible study on at noon on Wednesdays will have an in person option for those who want it, both in the Upper Room.

Worship and study your way!

All Mt Zion activities, excluding Sunday school, will be offered both in-person and online (or over the phone). Click here for location and access information.

Worship at home on You-Tube using TV, computer, tablet, smart phone or call in to listen.

As always during this pandemic, masks and social distancing are expected. Moreover – if anyone in your household is sick (even if it’s not you), please stay home that day and join us online. It’s OK to participate from a distance.

-Pastor Tyler

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