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Choir: the mid-week pick-me-up

All are invited to sing with the Mt Zion choir this church year!

You already know that but … (fill in your excuse) … !

WHY should you join a choir?

– other than praising God through making music with friends.   Move over Steve Downs, while this musician tackles science for a while.

So many people talk about “dragging themselves to choir rehearsal” only to find at the end of rehearsal that they FEEL BETTER!  How could this happen?

Singing is a “feel good” activity because it releases endorphins (elevate mood) and oxytocin (alleviate anxiety) both of which contribute to “feeling good.”  Singing also helps raise the oxygen level in your blood which improves circulation and has a calming effect.  Research shows a positive effect on immune competence and decreased levels of cortisol (stress hormone).

Music – in particular singing – is of great interest to neuroscientists as research indicates that more of the brain is actively engaged to the processing of music than almost any other activity.  Increased brain function is a benefit to all.  Your brain processing power and recall peak around age 20!

Are you interested in feeling good and increasing brain function?   Join choir!

Choir Rehearsals on Thursday from 7:00 – 8:30p.m. beginning August 30.

Want to help ward off Alzheimer disease?  Join Festival Bells!

~Patricia Eby

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