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Choir in the time of COVID

Voices of Zion resumed rehearsals during the pandemic

Last fall, the time of year that all the church activities resume meeting after a refreshing summer break, Voices of Zion were anxious to resume practicing.  However in 2020, public singing was recognized as a way to spread Covid. The research on Covid pointed to transmission being through air droplets and emissions from people speaking, coughing, sneezing and singing.  But masks, social distancing, and outdoor activities were deemed somewhat safe.

Singers needed to sing

People wanted to hear singers; singers needed to sing. And while be-bopping to tunes on the radio was fun, many craved for communal singing. So, Voices of Zion rehearsed and recorded with masks, keeping socially distant and OUTDOORS from August through October.

Outdoors presented some challenges, including blowing wind (which also blew music and was captured quite well in the mic), rain (the singers were hardy but the keyboard and the recording equipment would not do well); and quarantine (Patricia was exposed to Covid and quarantined for 14 days).

Changing seasons

Take a look at the photos which capture the Wisconsin changing of seasons from summer to mid-fall.

  • Short sleeves, short pants, lots of light 
  • Still some short sleeves, but long sleeves abound, still plenty of light
  • Light jackets, some hats, light fading
  • Jackets, long pants, leaves have fallen and blown, less light
  • Winter coats, hats, gloves, darkness 

Plans are for the choir to resume outdoor rehearsals as soon as the weather gets warm enough!

The music was recorded by Douglas Johnson and David Yanny and inserted into an on-line service; accompanied by Susan Gedemer; directed by Patricia Eby. If you wish to join the Voices of Zion rehearsals when they resume, please email Patricia.

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