a tree shown in drought and life, representing a mindset of scarcity versus abundance

Putting God’s house in order

Putting God’s House in Order is the theme for our stewardship drive to raise money for 2020.  We’re working with a program recommended by our synod called “Stewardship for All Seasons”.  One of the great things about this program is that it encourages us to shift from a mindset of...

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Choir: the mid-week pick-me-up

All are invited to sing with the Mt Zion choir this church year! You already know that but … (fill in your excuse) … ! WHY should you join a choir? – other than praising God through making music with friends.   Move over Steve Downs, while this musician tackles science for...

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voters in the Mt Zion Fellowship Hall

Elections 2018

As part of the changes started in 2017, Wauwatosa no longer uses schools as polling places. Mt Zion served Wauwatosa as a polling place in the 2017 elections and is now joined by several new locations, including another church and several park buildings, for the Spring Primary Election on February...

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Looking ahead to changes in 2018

We’re in for a change! After serving Mt Zion for over seven years, Pastors Deb and Steve Ohrtman have announced their retirement from ministry, and their last Sunday in the pulpit will be January 21, 2018.  We congratulate them on their long careers as pastors, we share their joy as...

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