Children are a vital part of our congregation.

We encourage children and youth to understand and experience the importance of an enriching Christian connection. Mt Zion Lutheran Church ELCA offers educational programs and Sunday School to help children learn about and participate in their own journeys of faith.
Every Sunday during the school year, we offer an hour-long class starting at 9:30 a.m. (between services), where children learn Bible stories, songs, and important concepts of the faith. Each class moves to a new room each week to experience the unit through art, movie theater, drama, science, cooking in the kitchen, games or more. We believe a safe place where your child will be loved and treasured is important.
To get an idea of what a Sunday School year looks like, see our blog “Lookback on Sunday School 2016-2017”

Children’s Ministries

Every child is precious to God, and your child has a special place at Mt. Zion to grow and be recognized for who he or she was created to be. 

Preschool, 2-4 year olds

Our teachers have open arms to welcome your child into the preschool program at Mt Zion, where they will begin their faith walk. With baby steps, these little ones come to know who God is and that He loves them and wants to be their very best friend. This is accomplished with stories and age appropriate activities within the classroom. These children have the security of 1 or 2 teachers that guide and love them.

Kindergarten through 5th grade

Mt Zion is a wonderful, warm and inviting place to start your child’s faith journey. How do we do this? Our devoted teachers approach stories in the Bible in unique and engaging ways. The Bible is a “living” book and so the key is to “experience” the stories of the Bible. Our enthusiastic and creative teachers bring the Bible to life through the foods we cook, the art we create, the songs we sing, the movies we see and popcorn we munch on, the games we play and through drama as we go back into time reenacting these stories. Our most important goal is that as each story becomes part of who they are, your child will feel the touch of God’s love — knowing that God wants to have a living, loving relationship with each one of them.

Youth Groups

We currently have 2 youth groups – Ignite, our high school youth grades 9 – 12; and The Contenders, our middle school youth grades 6-9.  Being a part of our youth groups is an awesome experience – all of our teenagers feel accepted and safe, encouraged to explore their faith as they have fun together performing service projects, running community events, hanging out playing games, and going on yearly servant trips.  For 2015, our high school youth are heading to Detroit for the ELCA Youth Gathering – which is all about faith formation, worship, study, fellowship, service and play – with around 30,000 other ELCA youth from around the country!


Each week throughout the school year, our high schoolers meet on Sunday mornings to chill and talk about where God is present in their everyday lives. We also meet for Ignite Sunday Nights most Sunday nights from 5:30-7:30to share a meal together, play games, or participate in activities like bowling, lazer tag, or outdoor games. Twice a year, we have a lock in – where we stay up all night participating in activities all night long – midnight pizza delivery and all!

The Contenders

This is our middle school group. They participate in confirmation during the school year, and also have First Friday Fun – when we gather together to enjoy fun games and discussions on middle school life and where our faith fits in. Sometimes we gather at the church building, sometimes we participate in other activities.

There are also a few community potluck or picnic nights throughout the year as well. We serve Easter brunch, cook out hot dogs for lunch in the early summer, make and sell subs – all for our congregation.  Our youth groups also perform many service projects throughout the year, acting as the hands and feet of Christ out in the world.

No matter where you come from, no matter what you participate in at school, no matter how many friends you have or how lonely you may be, there is a place for YOU at Mt Zion.  All REALLY ARE welcome.  Come and See!

To hear in their own words why Mt. Zion youths feel strongly about their experiences: